Our values guide what we do and how we do it

PASSION​ We are passionate about our brand, products, and the superior results we deliver to our clients. We show pride, enthusiasm, and dedication in every engagement.

RISK TAKING We cultivate a culture where entrepreneurship and prudent risk taking are encouraged and rewarded. We make and support business decisions based on experience and judgment. We risk intelligently.

INNOVATION We innovate at every stage in our approach, including in processes and products. Meaningful, productive change as a way to solve problems is achieved by looking at challenges and opportunities in new ways and by exercising our curiosity. 

MOTIVATION ​We are focused on pursuit of our vision, simplicity of style, and value of action in all of our activities. We are motivated to deliver desirable outcomes for our clients, and to contribute to a brighter, safer, more just world.

THE CODE is our shorthand for three guiding principles  that  staff of Ike Evans Consulting must demonstrate at all times and in all places:


Our business is based on over 25 years of experience providing critical insights, managing operational risk, and addressing complex operational and governance challenges in high-stakes circumstances. ​ We focus on security, crisis, and investigations consulting. If you need uncertainty removed, decisions informed, and outcomes delivered, Ike Evans Consulting is a high-confidence partner.  

New Business & Markets

​​Rely on us for competitor intelligence, capture process and proposal support, partner and vendor vetting, selection and oversight; and access, influence, and sentiment development. Our international waymakers cultivate supportive environments and provide the awareness needed to enter and succeed in new markets.  

"During our brief time together, Ike showed himself to be one very, very savvy international operator and executive. He is a superb and completely thorough security professional with a wealth of knowledge not only in areas like individual security aspects in dangerous places or situations, but also in the nuances of sizing up those kinds of situations with a wide and ever-changing variety of cultures and backgrounds among the stakeholders at any one time..." David H. - International  Business Matchmaker

Crisis Management, Continuity, & Contingency

High stakes challenges call for high-confidence advisors. We provide clarity, structure, and leverage in your crisis, consequence, and continuity management efforts. We can provide direct support,  augment client capabilities, or activate our peerless network, and relationships for immediate mission support requirements globally. 

NAICS: 541690, 541611, 611430, 611699

STATUS: Veteran Owned Small Business

 UNGM: 403507  ​CAGE: 7LJB9​​

Across the globe and in difficult circumstances we deliver - on time, on budget, and to standards few can demonstrate.

That's not what we're built for either.

​Safety & Security Consulting 

Full spectrum security risk management consulting, including assessments, planning, policy, and practice development; embedded security professionals; 24-hour security support lines; international advance, event, and protective detail liaison, support, and logistics.  Our approach identifies, isolates, and surfaces risk, and presents treatment options in a manner and of a type that are in harmony with your mission, values, and brand.   

​​NGO Security Consultant - Crisis Management Consultant - Emerging & Frontier Markets - Security Training - International Investigations - Competitor Intelligence -

Washington DC - Northern Virginia 


Our core offerings:  EXPERTS  who have been there,  ADVICE  you can rely on, and STRATEGIES  that work.

"I have known, and worked with Ike for almost 10 years and have never failed to be impressed by his depth of knowledge, experience and innovative approach to corporate and personal security issues...I cannot strongly enough endorse Ike for his flexibility, knowledge and management capabilities."  John W. - President, U.S. Government Contractor

38°53'49.81"N  77°4'9.53"W

“very analytical, Ike helped us see beyond events happening through his thorough interpretation and analysis, making the team on the ground more sensitive to some of the events unfolding.“                                             L.S. - NGO Regional Operations Director

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Ike sets the bar high

Training & Exercise

From basic security awareness and pre-deployment orientation to advanced fieldcraft for high-risk personnel and specialized skills development, we offer focused, role-based training that redefines professional development and pre-assignment preparation. Our exercises are immersive, intense, realistic, and outcome focused. Our experience includes high-risk, core unique certified, and cleared instructor and role-player support, training site management, and technical advisory services for government training programs. 

"When it comes to securing international interests, Ike is the genuine article. A bloodhound, strategist, and crisis-virtuoso, he informs some of the toughest decisions that clients will ever face."

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Our promise

WE HELP companies and the people that work for them be and feel more safe, secure, and prepared. We commit to working in harmony with our clients to ensure the integrity of their business, the security of their staff, and the defensibility of their decisions.  We will treat client aspirations as our own and focus our considerable talents on obstacles to their achievement. When you hire Ike Evans Consulting, you get thinkers who create, who propel concepts into reality, and in doing so, diminish risk, elevate your brand, and increase your competitiveness.  We don’t pretend it is easy, but we make it look and feel that way.

Ike Evans ConsultingLLC

Ike's Vision:

Deliver insights & leadership that

provide advantage to our customer,

and watch barriers fall.

International Insights, Investigations, & Field Collection

We have deep, direct regional and issue expertise. Whether you are seeking foresight, insight, or hindsight, we provide clarity, understanding, and avenues for impact. Our team provides direct staff support services, and access to an intense level of local understanding, hard-to-access actors, communities, and information.  We offer operations research, requirements definition, limited objective experiments, decision support and analysis, and incident and internal inquiries.

"Ike is a tremendous asset to the NGO security community and brings with him in-depth knowledge, vast experience and countless skills in all facets of security operations globally. A strategic planner, who possesses great interpersonal skills and can be relied upon to assist, help and advise when called upon ..." ​ Paul R. -  NGO Security Professional

"...My first impression as I watched him work was that he was an exceptional leader. He had a quiet competence, which brought an extraordinary degree of stability and efficiency to the entire effort. Since that time, I have had the privilege to associate with him on numerous other occasions...Throughout all these periods and under trying conditions, I have never seen him deficient in any capacity of leadership, management, dedication and professionalism. I can characterize Ike’s professional and personal associations with a commonality, which is based on ethics and integrity. He is extremely competent, but with a degree of moral integrity, which never waivers regardless of the pressures. He has a natural ability to read a person, group or situation and get to the core issue of a problem..." ​ Robert M. - CEO, Crisis Consulting Firm

Ike's background includes service in the U.S. military, law enforcement, corporate and non-profit sectors. He has served as a Board Member of Hostage US, Co-Chair of the InterAction Security Advisory Group, and was a founding member of the International NGO Safety and Security Association. His proven expertise is in-demand by clients facing risks in austere, ambiguous and often hostile settings. 

When he is not engineering an outcome, identifying the latest trends in [pick a country]​, or eliciting client-critical information, he can be found testing his latest "sure-thing" fishing lure or discussing the finer points of protocol with his wife's cat.​​

Our performance in every engagement is informed by hard-won experience, and framed by our vision, values, and operating style. We are a discreet, bespoke, socially responsible and culturally sensitive partner that exercises superior judgment. 

While some of our engagements are subject to public disclosure, we do not publicly reveal our clients or our work on their behalf. We help our clients avoid being featured in the news unless they are there to highlight their brand. 

​"Ike built the entire global security program spanning 30 countries and has been a master at vision and strategy to expand the organization's understanding of security to being part and parcel of our work with our program participants. In addition, Ike is brilliant at strategy development and execution, ranging from marketing to policy analysis and implementation...One of the best and brightest stars I've ever met."                 ​Rory A. -  International Development Professional

​A ship in harbor is SAFE, but that's not what ships are built for. 

“Ike is the real deal. He is very well connected globally...Not only did Ike help in connecting the team to very useful sources in case of emergencies but he also used his contacts to provide information about...and what needed to be done. “ Jason W. - International Development Professional